Chasing the beauty image

Who am I? I am nearing 40 and I want to remain youthful without breaking the bank. I do not have an abundance of time because I am busy mom and wife. I am also not an expert.

I do frequently get mistaken for a much younger person and quite frankly I kind of go with it.  I never lie about my age ; however, people always assume I am much younger. When I do give my age the odd response is usually, are you married, and do you have children?   I gained 35 pounds with my son, and I fought like a dog to get back into my jeans.  The way that I look is not by accident, nor is it rocket science.

I often get asked, what’s your secret?  Truthfully, when I do get asked this question I want to shake the person in front of me and tell them the obvious, but I can’t.  I don’t have the nerve to say, well for starters your hair is way over-processed and it’s dating you. Or your teeth are yellow and they are making you look older than you are. Simple changes yield huge results people!!!

The image of beauty is everywhere -in every shape, color and size.  When we look good, we feel good. There is no shame in wanting to be the best you possible.  I look forward to sharing my secrets with you and together we can chase the beauty image.




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