To Co-wash or Not??

In this months Elle magazine there was an article about co-washing  hair- I was immediately intrigued.  I am a firm believer that healthy hair is an essential part of ageless beauty .

The idea behind co-washing is as follows: Skip the shampoo, and condition two to three times a week. Use dry shampoo in between washes. Easy enough, right?  The supporters promise less breakage, and soft silky hair. I know what you are thinking, oily roots and major build up is what came to my mind. Not so, you say?? According to co-washers, there are gentle cleansers in conditioners that should remove the dirt and oil.  I have to admit I am a skeptic, but the reviews are great.  Sign my up!!!

My hair has always been a never-ending battle. It is fine, limp, and sometimes frizzy. Through the years I have learned through trial and error what works, and what does not. Right now I am growing it out and my biggest problem is breakage. I wash my hair about three times a week, and dry shampoo in between. It looks good, but there is always room for improvement.

Today I will start day one of my co-washing experiment. I will use the only conditioner I have-Pantene Color Preserve Volumizing Conditioner. I figure this is a good choice because it promises volume, and I do not want anything too heavy.  My hair falls just below my shoulders and is super fine.  I will use about one tablespoon of conditioner and work it through my ends. It does not say to use it sparingly at the roots; however, I do not want to encourage build-up.


My hair looks flat. It looks very silky and shiny, but limp and flat. Also, the roots feel heavy. I stuck to the plan and used about one tablespoon of conditioner and worked it through my ends.  Tonight I will use my dry shampoo as instructed.  I am a bit disappointed but hopeful that the hair Gods will finally shine down upon me. Until then have a great day !!